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About Bin saleh office

we are pleased to offer to you a brief view about our office , which described as the professional specialized largest office in the kingdom for legal's services , including law's services and consulting, arbitral individuals, Authorities, companies and organisations. we hope having your trust and cooperation to achieve the highest legal safety for your esteemed company, that reached the mutual interest and benefit . The office includes a selection of qualified lawyers and legal advisers with competence and extensive experience in various branches of law, as well as a woman's section.


Twenty years of experience in law and legal consulting

Our services

Criminal case

it includes a range of case in which the public prosecution or the body of monitoring and investigation is alleged and is required to impose a penalty on that accused.

Founding companies

Formulating and reviewing key corporate contracts ,Restructuring of mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance regulations

Real estate issues and disputes

Address property disputes overlapping instruments , infringements and expropriation.

Legal representation

representation on behalf of our valued customers and their representation at all levels of litigation and types in the proceedings against them.

Insurance cases

Insurance cases in Saudi Arabia cover most aspect of our daily life , whether personal or commercial.

Disputes issues Bank papers

We take care of the collection of the outstanding amounts and the rights of salary on judicial decisions.

Labor and labor issues

Dealing with labor disputes of all kinds.

Intellectual property

Registration of intellectual property, trademarks and patents.

Personal status and issues

Issues relating to rights between family members and matters relating to family members people, their competence, and the like.


Arbitration has become the preferred method for many companies in resolving their disputes.

Commercial cases

The commercial law, one of the most important branches of law, has established the customer and tradition of traders themselves.

Medical Errors

Medical errors and compensation awards.


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